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Early Planning in Higher Education: Fact or Fiction?

Compiled by Neitya Pathania, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since 2017), GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

The most common question asked amongst the youth is, “What have you planned for your higher education?” Many students get confused about what they actually want to be… Studies suggest that people who plan for further or higher education are more successful in their academics than those who didn’t plan before their higher education. Keeping that in mind, I offer this Straight Talk topic of ‘Early Planning in Higher Education’. Here are a few opinions given by the people I interviewed…

Ann Maria, Grade12, Gems World Academy Dubai.

“I have taken Business Studies, Accounts, Economic and Math. I was always confused when someone used to ask me about what I wanted to become…I was blank so I decided to take everyone’s advice and that’s when I started researching about the different choices I could make in terms of my further education and once I decided what I wanted to do I start planning for my higher study and it is actually working… so early planning in higher education is a fact not a fiction …”

Payal Prem Kumar, Grade12, GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai.                

“The subjects I have opted for are Physics, Chemistry, Computer science, and Math. Grade 12 is a very crucial year in which you are stuck between a load of work, especially being a science student. From completing notes and journals to preparing for exams, there is one small element that we don’t pay much attention to! And that is our “Future Plan”. My dream was always to be a Mechanical Engineer, since I was in the 8th grade. My main motive of taking science was to achieve this small dream that the child inside me saw, and now the grown-up me is making it come true. Early planning is necessary for higher education. For students who want to study abroad especially, you need to be very sure about the college you are choosing and the location and the popularity of the college. It is necessary to be sure as to what you are going to take in the future, as that one decision you make, either in the beginning of 12th or by the end of it, decides about your success in life.”

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Jacinta Rose Menezes, Grade12, GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai.

“I have chosen the science stream with my subject options as Physics, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science. Yes, I have decided that I want to be a computer programmer. My opinion on the topic “Early Planning in Higher Education: Is it a fact or fiction?” is that it is a fact. People should start to plan for their higher education as early as possible. This helps the person to have a better view of what lies ahead or what he might face in the future. People normally tend to keep decisions for the last minute, like myself, but it doesn’t allow the person to fully understand the field he or she wants to specialize in, only to realize later in life that he or she was interested in something else. If a person starts planning ahead of time, he or she has the proper time to explore different fields by research or attending workshops. This person is not only truly being able to understand what they want to do ahead in life, but also finds themselves oriented in terms of colleges and jobs, and they won’t need to stress themselves at the last minute. I would like to conclude by saying that all the students out there must have an early plan and be well-prepared and well-versed with their career setting.”

‘Early planning in higher education, according to all the students above who gave me interview, is necessary. It is essential to having a successful life ahead … what do you think about it? Ask yourself and the answer will be given by you … all the best for your future ahead…