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Why are Time Management Skills Important?

Written By Subah Bhatia, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Sep 2018),Delhi Private School - Dubai.

  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Helps increase focus
  • Facilitates timely completion of goals
  • Reduces stress
  • Allows for more free time
  • Coordinate tasks and duties
  • Maximises efficiency
  • Helps prioritise tasks

Time Management Skills

  1. Organisation – Good organisation helps build a clear schedule to accomplish your goals. An uncluttered and clean work environment increases efficiency and productivity.

Ways to Inculcate This Skill:

Keep an updated calendar, organise and save documents and files properly, keep your desk clean and tidy, keep reminders of important deadlines, etc.

  1. Setting Goals – Setting clear goals for yourself helps you to be self-aware of your motive and expectations. It helps you understand what you need to accomplish, and to prioritise your tasks.

Ways to Inculcate This Skill:

Write your goals down. Set long term goals which will be your end result, as well as short term goals which are smaller milestones you need to achieve on the way. Breaking your goals down will help maintain a clear head and increases focus.

  1. Prioritisation – This helps you know where you need to direct your immediate focus, and what tasks can be left for later. It keeps you from wasting precious time on tasks that could be done later when there were more important deadlines to meet first.

Ways to Inculcate this Skill:

Assess each of your goals and responsibilities, and organise them in order of either urgency or ease, or both.

  1. Planning – Once you have established your goals and tasks, you must be able to plan out your day in a way that maximises efficiency.

Ways to Inculcate this Skill:

Estimate the time needed for each task, make a timetable, keep time aside for breaks, and put up motivational post-its around your room to remind yourself of your deadlines.

  1. Communication – You must be able to communicate with your team in an efficient and professional manner. Unclear details and delegation will lead to confusion and wastage of time.

Ways to Inculcate this Skill:

Develop interpersonal communication skills, delegate work, and make your plans and goals clear to your team.

  1. Stress Management ­ – When you have a deadline to meet, work can often lead to stress. This reduces speed and efficiency. You must be able to handle stress positively to stay motivated.

Ways to Inculcate this Skill:

Take small breaks throughout your tasks, give yourself treats, and write your feelings down.