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Things you should know before starting University

Maha Shahid, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Mar 2019), Garrison College for Girls, Lahore, Pakistan

You have completed high school and now are all set to enter into university; the most adventurous place of education in a student’s life. A university doesn’t teach the students what they are taught all their life – in their primary, secondary or high school – it teaches us more about the world than the chapters in our textbooks. It is both a thrilling and intimidating experience for a student, hence they face constant struggles due to multiple pressures.  To overcome the pressure, students must jot down a few things in their mind or notes before they enter a university.

The first and most important point is to take the course of your choice. This is one reason students lag, behind because they are doing something they are made to do, not because they want to do. Think, plan and then decide the course with a long-term aim and series of milestones that you will achieve throughout your degree in the university you’re enrolled in. Bear in mind that you can change your course if it doesn’t fit your interests.

Once you have selected the course, stay determined to reach your goal and do not give up, no matter what barriers you face.

Slow progress is still progress: In the first few weeks, you might face low self esteem due to the environment, people, courses or the hectic routine which might stress you out. But each step of yours is important in order to reach the destination. Therefore, keep moving, be it with your curricular or co-curricular activities.

Work both hard and smart, depending upon the need of the time. Though working hard will always be helpful, learn to work smart whenever required. It might help you with a lot of things throughout your university life.

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Choose friends wisely and gradually. Don’t speed up the process of mingling with people. Making friends is going to be slow and that will not mean that you lag behind.  You are going to meet people from different environments, personalities and backgrounds, so knowing them and interacting successfully will take time. Forcing the process might end with you in a group that is not suitable for you, leading to negative outcomes.

Stay low-key: Whatever you do is your business, not anyone else’s. Keep your struggles and achievements to yourself. Don’t speak a word and let your success make the move.  Letting everyone know causes more harm than benefit, as per my experience.


Be confident, make mistakes, explore yourself, learn new things and grow. Enjoy every moment that your university life gives you. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Focus on your academics but don’t forget the fun part. Excel in everything you do so that after a few years you don’t just receive that degree but an overwhelming experience and a handful of true friends.