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An Exclusive Interview with Taniesha Bansal, 17 year old model, Miss Punjab 2018

“Beauty begins the moment you learn to be yourself.”

In conversation with Subah Bhatia, TYV Ambassador, Delhi Private School- Dubai

Taniesha Bansal – a 17 year old student and model, was recently crowned Miss Punjab 2018. She is also the titleholder of Miss Star of Chandigarh 2018, runner up in Miss Bharat Punjab 2018 and Miss Perfect in Miss Exotic India 2018.

A national level lawn tennis player for three consecutive years, she is also an avid blogger and motivational speaker. In conversation with a correspondent from The Young Vision, she narrated the story of her journey, and provided tips for those new to the modelling industry.

Q. Why did you first choose to walk down this path? What kicked you off and what finalised the decision
I’ve had a passion for modelling from a very young age. I was on the cover of a few famous magazines in Nigeria, Africa, when I was younger. I believe that even the smallest accomplishments in life matter as they inspire you to achieve more. This small achievement of mine inspired me to address this talent in me and groom myself to become better at it. This was one of the major reasons I stepped into the pageant of Miss Punjab 2018. This decision was finalised by, me with the support of my family, as I knew I was passionate and confident.

Q. What is the one quote that defines you?
A quote that I shall like to call the definition of me is, “Beauty begins the moment you learn to be yourself.” I believe this quote is short and simple, but carries a very big meaning behind it. It defines who I am and my perspective on a very important aspect of life. This quote inspires me to be a better version of myself every day.

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Q. How do you balance pageants and school?
I believe the key to balance is time management. It plays a very important role in my life and is one of the major reasons I am capable of being who I am today. Education is an important part of me which enhances my skills and gives me knowledge. At the same time, beauty pageants are my passion. The fact that I wish to pursue both of them further in life is what motivates me to work harder and accomplish higher goals in both fields.

Q. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I am one of my biggest inspirations. Because the human I am today is hugely influenced by all the instances in my life. I like to see myself grow and become a stronger individual who can give back to the world. I look back at myself and inspire myself to be a better human every day. One of my other important inspirations is my aunt, Mrs. Kavita Sharma. She has motivated me to be everything I dream of. She is a very strong woman with beautiful aspirations.

Q. What would be the steps that a new model would have to take to grow in the industry?
I believe everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. An individual who would like to achieve in this industry needs to be at point in life where he/she is confident about him/herself. It is important to have strong opinions on various aspects. Of course there are a lot more factors that come into play, but I believe these factors are the most important and significant ones out of all.

Q. What are some additional tips you’d give to others starting this journey of modelling?
I’d just like to say, be yourself and be confident about who you are. Don’t hesitate to present your thoughts and opinions; it’s important that you are content with the decisions you make.

The aspiring teen believes that this is just the first rung of the ladder of success. With a long way ahead, her goal is to bring out the ultimate best in herself and become a more confident and happy individual. “The world has done a lot for me to make me reach this platform today, and now it is time for me to give back to the universe,” she says.